Skyrim Scavenger Challenge – The Journey Begins – New Game and Charcter Creation

This actually feels daunting. The black title screen with the New Game button, “Are you sure?” asks the game… Hell yeah I am.

So back in the cart with Ulfric and the other criminals, I always forget how boring and slow and just not at all exciting this intro is. Laughable voice acting and just the slow and long nature of it. Not befitting the build up of the chanting theme music of the title screen, it feels like it should be a lot more epic. Frankly I checked facebook whilst I waited for this to pass. For a really good break down from a game design perspective of why this scene sucks, check out Extra Credits on Penny Arcade.


Now that’s all out of the way, time to decide who I am. Don’t worry, the executioner will wait for me to tweak my head shape before he lops it off. Unfortunately I had my girlfriend next to me and she had ideas about who my character would be. And I’m a nice guy so I let her have creative control.

Look out skyrim. Man and mer alike will tremble at the sight of

Snuggles the Cat Person.


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