Skyrim Scavenger Challenge – Unbound – Escape From Helgen

Now I have control finally, It’s time to tweak some setting. I’m a little disappointed to find I apparently cannot turn of way points, for now I’ll have to deselect active quests. With with combat set to master difficulty, I start running like a little girl from the dragon. I had never realised before that I had a choice to follow the storm cloak or the imperial soldier out of the town. Well then since this playthough is about doing things differently, Hadvar the imperial, I’m with you, even if you did try to have me executed. When the combat begins I start to see that Khajiit, is probably quite suitable for this challenge, an extra 15 damage from claws when using unarmed combat. Plus the cat peoples’ affinity to stealth speed and sneakiness will no doubt be useful in time. But for now, I’m pretty damn weak. Seeing my health shoot down from frostbite spider poison shows me just how careful I’m going to have to be. Anyway, second attempt I flame the spiders and sneak the bear and I’m out. I take a nice stroll with my new buddy Hadvar who takes me to his friends house, we sit and his friend lets me take whatever I want from his inventory, nice guy.

I actually quite like how you no longer get to pick all your best skills and attributes and star signs. Now you have to earn everything you have, and you progress more naturally based on what skills you use. Rather than before when you pretty much had to decide what kind of character you’d be from the start. That said, it’s pretty hard being crap at absolutely everything to start off with.


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