Skyrim Scavenger Challenge –

Time to really set off on my own, the main quest will have to wait, I’m far too weak to have dragons attacking me at random, so I head out towards Whiterun to start my own exploration. More and more I realise how much of a hindrance it’ll be not having any use of gold, no buying of spell tomes, no buying a house, no buying a horse, I’m going to have to earn or steal or find everything. This could make being a spell caster rather difficult. There sure are a lot of wolves on these roads, not to fear, Snuggles the wolf puncher is on the case, Liam Neeson eat your heart out. Soon Whiterun is in sight, I just have to help the huntress lady claw this giant to death and then onwards to the big city I know so well. I decide I want someplace to sleep, and I’ve got my sights set on the archmage quarters. I steal a horse and make my way to Winterhold, stopping to chat with the other travellers I pass, which was a bad idea since I got 50 bounty three times for stealing the same horse. Finally I arrive at Winterhold to my first major road block. I need to cast a fear spell to enter the college, and I need to buy the book for 30 gold in order to get the spell. A measly 30 gold, even if I had any money in my pockets I couldn’t spend it on the book thanks to the rules of the challenge. No college for me then, at least until I can find a fear spell tome. Maybe the Dark Brotherhood will take me in. To Windhelm then and the Aretino boys house then to Riften to kill Grelod the Not-So-Kind. After meeting Farkas and starting the thieves guild quest line I realise I need a bed to sleep in if I am to start the dark brotherhood. I head back to Whiterun and decide to make a little travel money from a quest. Foolishly I try to pickpocket the quest giver and end up in jail. This is kinda new for me, I’ve never had much trouble with the law before and if I did, I’d just pay the fine. Once in jail I escape through a hatch in the ground. Woo! Achievement! Escaped from jail. After I’ve been traveling for quite some time and getting my ass kicked and dying a lot, I realise that I have no armour and no potions, I left it all in the prison. Time to break back in and steal back my stuff, only now, I can’t pick up my quest gold from the chest, that’d break the rules. Back to stealing horses then for transport, I really gotta get my own horse, good thing the dark brotherhood gives you one, but first I need a bed. After joining the fighters guild and using their bed I’m transported to a shack with a mysterious figure asking me to kill one of three people. But I’m looking to impress her so I take the lives of all three, the lady sitting on the cupboard seems pleased with my thoroughness, time to start my career as an assassin.


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