Skyrim Scavenger Challenge – Scaredy Cat

Being ill equipped for fighting is really becoming a hindrance in this game. For all the boasts of being able to solve problems in a variety of ways, seriously about 90% of this game must be geared towards being the best fighter you can be. I suppose the variety comes in how you fight but at the moment, my play style is really struggling. It has improved somewhat since I got a conjure flame atronach spell but really, if I come across anything strong than it’s all about running and hiding and chipping away at the health.

I shouldn’t complain really, this game just isn’t designed to be played the way I am. And still there is a lot I have been able to do. The conjure spell has been fun to use, my favourite tactic; casting the spell in a room of badguys then shutting the door on them, letting them duke it out whilst I wait in the next room. Providing they don’t open the door and come after me that is. Once I even left an Atronach inside a building, I fled through a door and after the load screen was surprised to see my conjured assistant was still inside and doing damage to the enemy.

Some of the best fun I’ve had so far has been the dark brotherhood quests, hiding in a coffin and murdering a bride make for a much more interesting quest line than the usual “Go here, kill this, bring back that”. Though I still have fingers crossed for something to make me a stronger fighter. I decided to give the dragon outside of Whiterun a try. For a start I have next to no ranged attack so the best I could do is hide whilst my flame atronach chipped away at it. If I got in the way of it’s fire breath it could kill me in seconds, which made the arsehole standing in the entrance of the tower annoying as hell. I took great pleasure in slaying him. But eventually I had to face face, I was no match for the dragon, one mistake over a long battle and I’d be dead. How the hell could I travel on foot all the time with dragons everywhere? So I loaded up an old save and admitted defeat. No shouts for me just yet.


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