Skyrim Scavenger Challenge – Boons and Glitches

Snuggles the cat person certainly has grown up some since my last entry. With the acquisition of a conjure bow spell, a horse that I actually own and completion of the dark brotherhood main quest the game is starting to get easier again. Which from the point of view of this challenge is not necessarily a good thing. If it’s not a crazy hard adventure then what’s the point? I’ll have to mix things up again, I’m still weak in a fight… maybe I should join the companions, and if that doesn’t do it… unleash the dragons.

The playing has been rather standard fare recently, but I had an issue unrelated to the challenge, that of glitches. I remember way back just after the release of the game, Bethesda said not to install the game that it was causing issues and it’d better played off the disc. Thinking surely this would be fixed by now I installed the game to my HD, but apparently it hasn’t been fixed yet, my advice based on my xbox experience is, don’t install it. In the last two hour session I have had more glitches than in the entire time I’ve been playing Skyrim.

Though it was pretty funny seeing my character riding a horse whilst stood upright on the harness. Still better delete it.


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