#1GAM – Loops – My first published game

It’s not much, but the important thing is that I finally started a game project and saw it through to the end. It’s called Orbit Dodge and you can play it here… https://www.scirra.com/arcade/addicting-action-games/13694/orbit-dodge


I learnt so much, even from this simplistic game. The important thing now is to build on this success and drive my education forwards. I can look on it as a positive that the game is so bad in a number of ways. It’s a positive because I can see a lot of areas to concentrate on and improve (although the game hardly represents the sum of my abilities, I was most concerned about actually finishing). It would be futile to list the infinite ways in which the game falls short of the best AAA games, or even an average free-to-play game. So what is next of the agenda for me to advance my skills:

  • Writing – ie I should do some. I’m interested to play around with a game with some kind of narrative or dialogs
  • Gameplay – I can’t say I did much to optimise the gameplay in Orbit Dodge, once I had the mechanics working, I only tweaked a few things for the sake of difficulty. Next project should definitely have more time spent making it actually fun to play.
  • Visuals – Superficial yes. But the truth is, the better your game looks, the more people will play it. With that in mind I’ve installed my graphics tablet and Photoshop Elements on to my development machine and played around a bit. Until a time at which I can work with an artist, I’m just gonna have to get better at making things look pretty.

That should do for now. There’s a lot of food for thought there, and with luck, will be miles ahead of this first attempt. And it’s March now and onegameamonth has set it’s next theme, Neon.

It’ll definitely be a challenge, I imagine neon effects are a lot easier to achieve in a game engine that has lighting effects. Though thinking about it, I’ve never looked at Construct 2’s effect library, there may be something useful there. I’m already getting some ideas around the theme, should be fun.


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