#1GAM – NeonJump – Learning from mistakes

Onegameamonth hasn’t gone so well this month. I guess I just lost faith in the idea once I saw what the reality of it was. There is a reason why developers should be able to iterate quickly and make changes often to their creations, that way you can find out your idea is bad before you’ve put too much into it.

What will I take away from this project

  • Make your prototypes quickly without putting to much polish on it, if it works well. then develop it,
  • Have a plan for building the game before diving too far into it. (the code for this game just looked a mess)
  • I’m still learning. Best to keep things simple.

But one if the things I appreciate now is that if I’m doing it as a hobby. I should take the advice of my friend Chris and make the kind of games that I want to make and want to play.

If you want to see what I managed before giving up, it’s here:

Neon Jump Prototype

Next time, I game that I can be more passionate about


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