A new game jam and a new tool

A health issue has meant I haven’t been able to do as much work on games as I’d like recently, still don’t know what is wrong with me but half of the last month I spent with headaches and or dizziness that makes it hard to concentrate on anything, let alone game development. Although being off work has given me a lot of time in between dizzy spells to hone my craft (when I wasn’t just being lazy). I realased a new game, one I was quite proud of (In depth post-mortem coming soon). And thanks to the Humble Bundle I have found a new game design tool. RPG Maker VX Ace and it’s promotion on Humble Bundle is being tied in with a Contest!

So I bought RPG maker, installed it and got to learning it’s ins and outs. I must say, so far, I love it! It’s packed with sprites, animations, audio and all sorts to get you started (plus the extra packs I bought) and the software is set up to run an old school final fantasy style RPG of your own design with minimal fuss.

A lovely home for my hero that I knocked up in minutes. This would have been hours of hard work before

A lovely home for my hero that I knocked up in minutes. This would have been hours of hard work before

This really is a clever piece of programming, it didn’t take long for me to run through some basic tutorials and feel confident enough to start my own project. All the time I was learning, inspiration was flying into my head. With the software taking care of most of the heavy lifting in terms of scripting, and with the bundled assets taking care of the arty bits, my mind was left to concentrate on plot and game design. Which will be a refreshing change as the programming and asset creation is the grunt work that has taken up most of my time on previous projects. Right now I’m in the process of writing a script and planning my plot and characters out for my project. My hope is to enter it into the RPG maker contest. I may not win anything (make that probably won’t win) but it’s nice to dream and it’s a good learning experience for a whole bunch of reasons.
Anyway. It’s late and the night is dark. More updates coming soon. I promise.


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