OneGameAMonth – May and June

It has been slow going for my game development hobby recently, I was going to enter a game for the RPG Maker contest, but with a holiday and my illness sticking around it was going pretty slowly, I managed a bit of work towards it, but decided I liked the idea enough that I wanted to make a good go of it and do it right rather than rush it into completion.
May’s game was a nice experience it really showed the value of proper planning, I had a lot of the design and the assets finished before I needed them so that when development reached that stage, I could fly through it and not be back and forth trying to muddle all the parts together.
Birdhouse Property Developer
I still need to manage my time a lot better, the idea of #1GAM is to spend the whole month on a game, not the last few days rushing it together, because of this I have not so far had much time to test and tweak my creations.
June was mostly spent learning RPG Maker and developing my game for is, for now that game is on hiatus. So for this months game I went back to Construct 2. My brief was to make a game from scratch in a short time, the result was Math Drop
Math Drop
It was a good experience, a little over a day of hard work and I have a simple but kind of addictive puzzle game, my plan was to refresh my skills with Construct 2 and in creating algorithms for and implementing new mechanics. It worked rather well from a programming point of view, the code looks fairly tidy and is done with relatively little space. I feel like I’m getting to grips with the technical aspects of Construct 2.
Moving forward; it’s time I took on something with a bit more meat, I have my idea set for this months game, and should I work on it for the whole month, I should have something worth playing. Watch this space.

On a side note. I am filling up my Construct 2 game list nicely now, five published titles and I am starting to see something interesting looking at the statistics for how many plays each game has had.
It’s odd but the number of people playing each game is wildly different, and really that is because the people trying my games are doing so with very little information, in this indie game community, drawing in players is such a huge part of getting your game noticed. I should come as no surprise that games with names including words like “Dodge” and “Blast” (nearly 2000 plays each for Orbit Dodge and Sea Blast Idle) are more popular than my games with words like “Math” and “Property Developer” in the title (the games Math Drop and Birdhouse Property Developer have so far seen little interest)This should all be obvious but highlights a key point, if I am going to start putting more effort into my games, I better make sure they are marketed right so that they can reach the biggest audience, I should also be thinking about reaching a bigger audience through publishing on other sites. There are thousands of small games being published every day, it takes hard work to rise up about the rest.


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