#GBJam – 1 Day till deadline

Today is the last day of the Game Jolt Gamboy Jam 3 and I haven’t finished my game. It’s gonna be a day of hard work to get it finished and looking good on time. Arguably I should be doing it now and not typing away on here. But I’m gonna take this moment to plan out what I need to do today.

Firstly the game needs to be finished (obviously) Most of the gameplay is down, it just needs some tweaks: complete the remaining mechanics, finish pixel art for everything, add sounds and music, figure out how to add stuff from the Game Jolt API, upload…. I think that might be it. Seems manageable enough.

So by the end of today I will have fulfilled the onegameamonth challenge, and not to say I won’t make a second game this month, but I might take the time to brush up some other skills; 3D modeling, Unity, writing, drawing

Time to start working then, I got this. More on the game here once it’s finished


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