Fallout 3 – Good Samaritan – Welcome to the Wastes

Here we are, the first of hopefully many pieces chronicling my adventures in Fallout 3 and a helpful wander. I figured since I would be a generous soul, and it’s just 2 days from Christmas, I’d call my character Klaus, give him white hair and a big beard. My character in the end didn’t look much like Santa, but you work with what you are given. I think I will be making a narrative from my gameplay, just for fun.

As I step out into the destruction and decay that was once the nations capital, I am left wondering just what I was expecting. In many ways it is worse than I could image, and yet completed not what I expected. I was told it was a lawless place filled with barbarians and murderers, but what I see is just a lifeless void. I am filled with sadness as I pick through the carcass of small village, burnt out ruins left as a memorial to the lives that once called this place home. Hard to believe just a day before, I was living my safe, sheltered life. My biggest worry was Butch and his lackeys. All that was gone. My father, left without a word. My only friends, Jonas and Amata, nothing more than memories. Jonas is dead, Amata, left in the clutches of her maniac of a father, and worse, I killed a man.

I was seen as a threat to the vault community, they sent guards to end me. I tried to disarm the man, but he would not let up. When Butch appeared, pleading for me to save his mother, I could not waste any more time, I pointed the gun Amata left me and squeezed, before I knew it, he was lying dead on the ground. Saving Butch’s mother was little consolation after that, I could not stay here. I had once dreamed of being the vault pastor, the G.O.A.T. had confirmed I was a match for the job. Now. I was a killer. I shrugged off the baton blows of my pursuers as I fled the vault, into my new life. I could be of no more help to the people of the vault, but perhaps I could help in other ways, it looked as though this world needed a lot of help.

I was beginning to think the world didn’t have any humans left in it when I found a woman, hiding in a small house. She was scared, defensive. She kept raving aboutsome man by the name of Moriaty, thinking I had come on his orders to settle her debt, I promised to talk to him, see if I could convince him she was long gone. This led me to Megaton, folks seemed to be clinging on to life by their finger tips here, and there were plenty of no good types looking to profit from their suffering, from a narcotic pedling “doctor” to the booze and debauchery dealing Moriaty. He seemed to have forgotten about the debt the lady was concerned about, but being around him made my skin crawl, I had to get out of this forsaken place. My hand was on the doorhandle when I heard a plea.

Lucy west was her name. And her request, at first, seemed small. To deliver a letter to her family. Were it only so simple. I set off through the dead landscape, towards a lonely settlement, perched on a half collapsed overpass. There were many dangers along the way, and I used the last of my pistol ammunition to survive, so when a figure clad head to toe in armor appeared, firing missiles at me, I had no choice but to run. I passed a settlement called Big Town where the people looked like they were having troubles beyond my ability to fix, so one I went, to Arefu. The reception was none too friendly, and could you blame them. Nighttime attacks from a group calling themselves The Family. I offered to help, a letter to Lucy’s family would be little help if they were all dead. Unfortunately, it seemed I was too late. Lucy’s mother and father lay butchered by unknown means in their home. How would I tell Lucy? I broke it to the towns protector, Evan King, telling him of the two corpses. Yet a ray of hope remained, apparently they had a son as well, Ian. The Family had been known to take young people captive, perhaps the boy was still alive. Evan pointed me to a few local landmarks where he suspected the Family might be hiding.

I set off, towards a spot that was once an outdoor cinema, but it looked pretty deserted. The place felt exposed, not somewhere I wanted to be with little more than a baseball bat for protection. A creature attack me, a hideous monstrosity from the nearby river, like some kind of mutant crab-person. Luckily, it exploded, unluckily, the cause of the explosion was the armored man. I could not be sure if it was the same person as before, but her wielded a rocket launcher and was now firing at me. I ducked into a nearby cave. One Evan had pointed out on my map. It looked long abandoned, nothing here but irradiated giant scorpions. The place was like a maze, and the scorpions were out for my blood, my baseball bat was little use. An improvised mine was useful to take out one of them, but the rest was swarming. I ran, and locked myself in a small room. Out of breath and bleeding. I could hear them scratching at the door trying to reach their prey. A plan formed. I opened the door and scrambled up an old bunk bed, the scorpions flooded in like a river when the dam breaks. I leap over them, through the door and slammed it shut, trapping them inside. When I left the cave, the mysterious man had left. Only one location left on my list.

I made it to the old metro station, sneaking or running past giant moles and rabid dogs. I raided an abandoned grocery store for supplied and made my way into the tunnels. Apart from some drug dealing ghouls and a feral pack of molerats, it was pretty desolate. I ventured deeper into the tunnels. There I stumbled on a bunch of viscous trapped. I was injured and tired, but something told me I was on the right path to find Ian. What I found was a community lead by one man named Vance. The radiation outside had done something to the people there, made them crave human flesh, Vance, had sworn to help them, show them another way. Turns out Ian had the same hunger for, and his appetite had caused him to murder and cannibalize his own family. He had gone to the Family for help. Once I showed him the letter from his sister, he gained a new resolve, he would return to Arefu to make amends and help the struggling community. Out of the tragedy, I feel I helped some good come about. Ian has a new lease on life, and Arefu and the Family have come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Arefu provides blood to keep the Family’s hunger at bay, and the Family protect Arefu. Still. What would I tell Lucy. I didn’t have the strength to tell her yet, better to let her go one thinking, for now at least, that her parents were alive and well. Perhaps the people of Big Town could use my help…


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