Fallout 3 – The Good Samaritan Challange Run

Been A while since I have posted one of these. This is one I have been thinking about for a while, mostly out of a desire to revisit Fallout 3. The plan, to play through the game with self imposed rules to create a new experience. The idea, to be a wandering, saint. Helping the people of post-nuclear Washington with whatever little problem they are having. No task too big or too small. Here’s the rules

  • If someone has genuine need or aspiration, or asks for help, you must drop everything and help them. Naturally You may end up with more than one request at a time, so you finish the current one then move onto the next one.
  • Only help those who deserve help: The poor, the downtrodden, those struggling. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. And if they seem aggressive, rich, powerful etc. they don’t get your help.
  • When one quest ends, talk to those nearby until you find a new quest. If no-one has a quest, wander towards the next nearest populated area and ask around there. If you are quest-less, talk to every stranger you meet.
  • Main quest can be ignored or dipped into at your discretion. But it’s mostly about helping the common-folk.
  • No crafting or repairing or trading. Use what you find, if a weapon deteriorates beyond use, discard it. You can use any caps you accumulate for medical treatment or upgrades only.
  • No killing of sentients except in self defence, if a quest giver wants you to hurt someone innocent, either find a peaceful solution or don’t help them, or help the other party.
  • You may carry a maximum of two functioning weapons, if someone gives a weapon to you as a gift, you can stash it for later use or discard it. You may hold onto any additional melee weapons for use only when other options fail. You can drop a weapon at any time to take another you’d prefer.

So there it is. May need tweaking in practice, but I think it should be interesting. Since it is a role-playing game, it is nice to pick a role and actually play it, rather than what I and I bet many others do, which is to do whatever gives you the best loot, or sounds more fun. Excluding some gameplay elements like trading and repairing also means you can spend more time on other things, and forces you to adapt and play differently. I like the idea of replacing weapons when they deteriorate, meaning I will have to take whatever is available and scavenge on the fly, as well as providing variety rather than finding a weapon you like and sticking with it throughout the game.

Check back to see how I get on, and post your experiences in the comment if you try this yourself.


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